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We know that our pups are the best! But here is some feedback from a few of our puppy owners, in their own words....

Just wanted to send you some updated pics of Hope. She is enrolled in a fundamental agility class starting April 11th and has already started her beginner fundamental class. She is miles ahead of the rest of her class because she has been doing all of the things that they are going to teach but its good socialization for her so it will be good for her... She is getting sooo big! She weighs 44 lbs now and shows no sign of slowing down!...Hope has been the best thing we could have done for ourselves after Harleys passing. She is smart and catches on quick. Im currently teaching her to weave in and out of my legs and to bow when she is done. The bow may turn into a sommersault because she does those all the time. I will have to send a video when, and if, she gets it mastered. Nikki and Mark 3/26/11

This comes as a long overdue update on our dear sweet Rosie...I am grateful every day to have such a wonderful new member of the family. She continues to impress us with her willingness to learn and to try to please. She is amazingly good, and then of course there are those times when I remember, she is still a puppy. Mayzie and Rosie have become great friends. I can not express the joy when I watch them in the meadow playing together, or wrestling on the living room floor. Mayzie still lets her know who is boss and Rosie is most respectful. We went on our first long road trip to the eastern shore last weekend to visit friends and Rosie was a wonderful house guest. Mayzie is a good role model for her so I think that helps with everything. Everyone is also falling in love with her. So thank you Bill and Janet for the love and care and breeding you gave my sweet girl! With gratitude and best wishes for a good spring, Carol 2/28/11

Sorry not to get back sooner. Harley has adapted well and without any drama or issues. Definitely a sharp kid! Hes been very busy as his social, play, sleep, and exercise schedule has been very full. Hes already a Daddys Boy but I think that has to do with our similar maturity levels (or so Angie says). Thanks again for the start to this Pup. It has been immediately evident that he will be only restrained by how much we teach and work with him. Things are coming together with our lake house purchase so he will be living in the water all spring and summer. Kindest Regards, Brian & Angie 1/7/11

Bella has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has the sweetest temperament and loves being around people. Her favorite position is in daddy's arms with her tummy being rubbed. She had her first vet visit today - she weighed in at 13lbs 4oz. and is very healthy! All the technicians came to see how pretty she was. She's sleeping through the night and is becoming scheduled which is good for all of us :) She's doing wonderful with the kids and our 6 yr old cat Maya has welcomed her with kind curiosity. We have no doubt that she will continue to bring our family many years of happiness! Kind Regards, Kevin & Kimberly 1/4/11





It's been a long time since we've corresponded but I wanted to write and tell you how great a dog Midnight is and what a great life we've had together! I lost touch with you all several years ago while moving... now Colleen and I along with our 4 kids, Midnight and Beba are happy and busier than it seems possible. Midnight is doing great although she has slowed down a little over the years. She tore an ACL hunting two years ago but has had no ill effects from the reconstructive surgery although hunting is a thing of her past. I love her, we've been through a lot together and she is a huge part of my family. I just wanted to say hello and let you know your old girl is happy and healthy! Take care, Mike K. 11/10/10

Bud is doing great and is such a joy. My daughter and son just love him to death. He is coming along with his training but Robbie has had to slow down due to the heat. Bud swims almost every day behind our house in the river and has discovered how much fun it is to jump in the pool. He is so great with other dogs and has made many friends. His best friend is a Vizsla named Charlie and they are the same age. They love to wrestle and swim together. He also enjoys playing with our friend's yellow lab named Lo. He is so great with all of the kids and even my one year nephew. We love Bud and he is my constant companion! Take Care, Julie Brown 8/2/10

Just wanted to write with a quick update on Duke, the black lab puppy that we got from you in January. Duke has been an absolute joy in every way. He is so smart...he learns very quickly and has an unbelievable desire to fetch. This past week we took him both goose and dove hunting. I didn't really know what to expect, because all of his basic training and fetching have mostly been in our back yard and living room. He can be a little excited at home, so I expected the same when we got to the field, but to my surprise, he was totally under control and minded beautifully. He didn't know what to do with that first goose, but it didn't take him long before he was fetching the big birds. I forgot my camera. so didn't get any pictures, but will send you some when I get some. And he's such a great companion, very cuddly and affectionate. He and my 3 year old chocolate get along great together. Ron 9/6/10

Bodie (Lincoln) is doing very well. Over 40 lbs now and he is a wonderful dog! Very well behaved, active and affectionate. He is such a great dog. We are doing a training class and the teacher is amazed at how well he is doing. He is the dog she uses to show how things are supposed to be done. Have a great day, Chris 4/8/10

Thank you so much for inviting us to the puppy reunion again this year.  We always enjoy seeing you, and the rest of Lexi's extended family.  We had a wonderful time!  Take care, and best of luck with the new litter! - Steve, Lorrie, Beth & Lexi 10/09

Raven has been a genuine delight since we brought her home on Saturday. She has warmly taken to all of us -- her favorite places to be are sleeping on top of someone's feet or in a lap. She is very curious about her surroundings, and seems to be enjoying our house and yard. She was the belle of the ball at Hannah's soccer practice yesterday and has been anointed as the team mascot. Much to our surprise, she has responded extremely well to our efforts at housebreaking her... In short, we have all fallen hopelessly in love with her, and are very grateful that you so warmly welcomed her into the world. We will keep you posted with updates and photos as she grows. Jody 10/08

Everything is great here with Bella (aka Meadow), she had her Vet checkup and is a joy!  Everyone raved about her and asked where I got her...  She sits, lays down, comes (often) and is crate-trained.  She handles well on leash now for her age and even heels....sometimes.  Still doesn't like the collar much but oh well, she'll get used to it soon enough.  Some potty accidents but progressing nicely.  We can tell how well you worked with her and she is nicely socialized...Thanks again for everything!  Nina & family. 10/08

Gunner and Brynn
Gunner and Brynn at Fall 2007 Puppy Reunion.

George and I want to thank you for a wonderful Saturday! It was so much fun. Brynn had a great time playing with your grandson. Gunner had a ball...literally...and was exhausted when we got to the inn. Actually, we all went straight to bed and he did not move all night. It was such fun looking at the comparison of the litters and see the similarities, some more startling than others, as in Lexie and Gunner. George couldn't tell them apart. Thanks for making this such a special weekend. Your hard work was greatly appreciated and enjoyed. We can't wait until next year. Thanks again so much.

Dyan, 10/07


We absolutely love Bean and are so happy that he is a part of our lives. He has started to sleep through the night (at least for the last few nights) and is up a little bit before 6 am. We were at the vet a couple of weeks ago and he already weighed 14 pounds at that point and Im interested to know what his weight is when we are back on Thursday for his second round of shots. While his puppy classes dont start until October 13th, some of the training that we have been doing with him is starting to pay dividends though we do have some areas to work on (especially learning how to stay in one place).

Christine, 9/07

The Big guy is doing fantastic. Growing like a weed up to a 100#s and looking great according to the vet. He has a wonderful personality and does well with kids he knows that they get different treatment than adults and will even lay down without being told for the smaller ones. -Chris, 7/07


Thanks for the cards. Hope that you also had a good christmas. Ours was great! Elvis is doing fabulous and gaining weight well now. he is up to 74 pounds and is the bigest mush in the world. Tom tells me all the time that he is the best gift he has ever gotten and they are such buddies. We are still putting the olive oil and omega 3 fatty acids in his food and his coat looks great! thanks for the tip. .. Hope that you guys are well. talk to you soon. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New year!

Love, Carrie 1/06


Hello Bill and Janet, It has been a long time since I have corresponded with you all. Haley and I are still in South Carolina. She is most definately my best friend and loving companion. If I didn't know better, I would swear she is human! She is now a year and a half and beautiful. I am going to take some pictures over the holidays and send them to you. She is extremely expressive and there is never a question as to how she is feeling. She is agile and quick, I think she even plays in her sleep. She loves tennis balls and frisbees. Her best friend is my parent's chocolate lab, now 5, Nikki. They have play dates on the weekends. Anyway, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for probably the greatest gift I could have ever asked for in Haley. I will get you some pictures! Take care.

Heather 12/18/03




Hunting season also went well again this year as she did everything I could have asked of her. She has become very adept at jumping in and out of our goose pit and her calm yet attentive nature makes her a pleasure to have in the blind or the boat for me and everyone she has hunted with. I have included a picture of her and a few friends after an afternoon hunt. Thanks for the email and good luck with the pups.

Mike K. 2/05


I just visited your web site, and all of those pictures of the adorable puppies just made my day. Lucie Victoria Clark is doing very well. She is a beautiful dog, seeming to maintain a weight of 68 pounds. We took a day trip yesterday to my uncle's house in the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where she was fetching balls in the water and having a wonderful time. My uncle wants to "borrow" her in September for duck hunting. If she goes, I'll let you know how she does. Here is a picture of her with our daughter, Claiborne, taken about a month or two ago. She is so wonderful with the baby, and brings us all lots of joy. I hope you are having a great summer.

Dory 9/19/05

Cooper hiking in Colorado, 2007..

Just wanted to touch base with you both. We have made the move to Colorado, Cooper and I joined Ian at the beginning of October. He seems to really love it so far. There are always other dogs to play with and he has a dog across the complex from us always come over and sit at the door. Cooper whines any time there is another dog outside and he is not. We go play ball every morning at the dog park and have taken him on a few hikes. We got our first big snow out here last weekend... Cooper had a blast. There is water for him to swim in not too far from us, and he is a water dog! We are looking forward to getting some snowshoes and taking Cooper out snowshoeing with us.

Cooper is still tall and lean. He is about 70 lbs now. I am working from home out here so we hang out all day, well mostly he lays around while I work, but at the first mention of a ball or a walk he is ready to go. We have met a Cooper look alike here. He is the same build as Cooper but has about 25-30 extra lbs and is a little taller. We hope all is going well for your family. We are still so happy to have Cooper as a part of ours. He has got so much personality!!!

Kim & Ian 11/17/05


Kelsey is fabulous. We are enjoying everyting about her, hard for me to travel with all three kids and Kelsey. I hope we can make it next year. accomplished them all. She finishes her puppy school on the 18th! She is a dog that loves routine. She knows in the morning the routine to get the kids out of the house for school. She wakes each child up in order, then waits for them downstairs, walks them to the bus, then comes back for her breakfast. Every where we go we get compliments on her color and behavior. She is VERY friendly. When you e-mailed that you had two male puppies left, we came very close to putting our name on the list. I do think we would love to have another one, but I am not sure when the right time would be. Kelsey is a real people dog and I would not want that to change. So please keep us posted on any new litters. Enjoy your reunion and please keep in touch.

Stacey G. 10/10/03


Happy New Year! So it only took me three years, but here are some pictures of Macy and Shadow. As you can see they are both doing fantastic and are spoiled rotten. They are our babies (although we added our own new addition in April - Jenna Rose!) and they always keep us entertained. Donny still takes them out every day for an hour for either a swim or run. Both Macy and Shadow live for their "toys" - as long as you have them in hand the dogs stick to you like glue! They are both sweethearts who love to be with us as much as possible. As I'm writing this, Shadow is snuggled beside my feet and Macy is on the couch with Donny. Did I mention that they are spoiled? Hope you are both well! Just checked out your website and it seems that the puppy business is keeping you busy. I know you have had many happy customers, including us! Take care!

Susan M 1/06


We have been working on sit and stay. It only took her a day to pick it up. The same day I taught her, I took her to the doctors office. I told her to sit and stay while we were checking out of the doctors office and she set there while other dogs walked past her for nearly 2 minutes without moving. I am surprised at how well she can listen and learn when she wants to. I also have been working with her with a frisbie in the evenings. I toss it while she is set. I tell her to "get it", she gets it and drops it at my feet. We do this several times then put it away. All in all, she is doing great and we couldn't be happier.!

Thank you,
Glen 4/5/04


Bindi is doing great. The first two nights were a little rough, but now she is sleeping like a baby. We took her to the Vet yesterday and he said she looks great. She is now 18 lbs 12 oz. You wouldn't believe all the complements we received about her good looks and great demeanor. She is the calmest, most well behaved dog I have ever owned. I will send you updates and pictures as I get them. I just want you to know how happy Jennifer and I are with Bindi. She is a great dog!

Greg 5/18/04





I just wanted to tell you how happy this past week has been. Yoohoo (now known as Robie) has brought us all so much joy and love. He has spent this week exploring our house and yard, jumping in the pool a few times (only to realize he doesn't know how to get out!), helping me feed the horses and getting some serious pats & kisses from all who meet him. He's gone to all my son's baseball games and they've made him their mascot. He follows me around wherever I go and has already made a spot for himself at the bottom of the bed each night. Although I expect some mistakes, he has not yet had an accident in the house or in his crate since we got him. He's the best! I've attached a few pictures of him. Hope you enjoy them. .. Thanks again for all your help. We couldn't be more pleased with the latest addition to our family.

Tami M 7/26/03


Sorry we havent sent any pix sooner, its been a busy summer for us. the attached picture shows lehigh on the left. she is an absolute charm. I have her trained on wings and live quail, her desire to hunt is unlike anything I have seen before, its been so hot this summer I havent worked her too much, but man does she want to go! She's starting to think she's a pointer! I have her holding on live birds and scented wings, I cannot believe how easily she learns. I cant wait for bird season, so much in fact, I've joined a local hunting preserve that will allow us more opp's to get into the field, the cool weather cant come soon enough!!!!

Chris Z 8/22/05





I thought you might enjoy some information about Abby and also a few pictures. We absolutely adore her. She is so very cute and also a bit ornery. She is a petite little flower weighing only about 50 pounds. We feel she is the perfect size. She has to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. Her understanding of the human language is incredible. That does not mean she listens to what we say, only that she understands what we say. Her intelligence is equaled only by her strong will. She has a family who loves her. She likes to bring in our newspapers every morning and sometimes there is even enough left to one that we can actually read it. When she is not bring in newspapers she brings in fire wood, usually a log per trip outside. She loves to play with our cats, they however do not like to play with her. Her favorite thing in the whole world is to play ball. She is very good at catch and retrieve and she can throw it back as well as she can catch. We want to thank you for she a wonderful loving dog. Abby also wants to thank you for her birthday e mail card. It was soooooo cute. I have enclosed a picture of her on her birthday with her birthday cake. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you again for our sweet Abby (a.k.a. teacup).

Raine and Steve T 3/5/06

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