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We are not planning any litters for 2017 and will not be keeping a waiting list. Please check the AKC website for reputable breeders in your area: American Kennel Club

2015 LITTER:

MORGAN's litter of pups was born on April 20, 2015 and went to their new homes in June. We will not have another litter in 2015.

DAM: Whispering Pines Golden Moonshine JH, CGC. Morgan is an AKC Junior Hunter in training for Senior. Morgan also has her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and TDI Therapy Dog certifications and regularly visits our local library to help children with their reading skills. She loves everyone and is very patient with the children! Other than swimming and retrieving, Morgan's favorite thing is rolling over to get belly rubs. Here is a link to Morgan's webpage (Morgan)

SIRE: AM/Can CH Deep Run Casablanca CD, RA, MH, SHU. Casey is a yellow son of Sam and is following in his father's accomplished footsteps. (Sam (GCH Can/UKC CH Poplar Forest Play It Again Sam UD RE MH MHU) is the sire of our 4 year Wonder)). Info from the Deep Run website on Casey: Casey completed his Master Hunter title, Canadian Championship, and American championship in 2013 and in 2014 received his Companion Dog and Rally Novice and Advanced Titles. He loves his work in the field, and also completed his Senior Hunter Upland Title in 2014.

Casey weighs 85 pounds and is a big happy, loving dog. He applies himself well to any task at hand, with energy and enthusiasm. He is amazing in the field and loves to upland hunt. Casey is impressive to watch while seeking upland birds. His powerful and bold hunt is a treat to watch, regardless of how heavy the cover or adverse the conditions.

Casey is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac (Echo), CERF, Optigen A, RSD/OSD Clear, CNM and EIC Clear, OFA Thyroid Normal. Here is a link to Casey's webpage (Casey). See below for photos and pedigrees.

Weekly updates with videos will be posted on the Puppy Blog at the bottom of this page .

You can see photos and videos of our 2014 litter on this page ( Litter News 2014)

Whispering Pines Labradors WV

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We are expecting the puppies to be intelligent, loving labs with great retrieving drive. They will make excellent family companions, working dogs, and/or hunting dogs with the proper training. We ask that visitors wait until the puppies are 4 weeks old before visiting, since they are very susceptible to germs, viruses etc.

Cost is $2,000 + 6% WV Sales Tax and includes vet check, worming, first set of shots, AKC registration papers, going home info packet, an 8 lb bag of dog food, a 26-month health guarantee and all the love and attention we can give them in their first 8 weeks. They are also exposed to all the sights and sounds in our home, and even swim in our pond, weather permitting. We do everything possible to make sure all of our puppies get off to a wonderful start, are well-socialized and happy, healthy puppies. Weekly updates with videos will be posted on the Puppy Blog at the bottom of this page .

We choose to use Deep Run studs because they operate one of the finest breeding, training and canine health care facilities in North America. Owners Phyllis Giroux, DVM CAC and Jack Jagoda, co-founder and past president of the North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA), have the absolute best all-round labs available. Their pups have earned over 300 field test and hunt test titles. They conduct numerous clinics and seminars on national radio and television broadcasts including ESPN, TNN, Outdoor Life, Animal Planet and the Outdoor Channel. Since Phyllis specializes in canine reproduction, we feel confident leaving our girls with her during the breeding process.

Click to view pedigrees:

Sire: Am/Can CH Deep Run Casablanca, CD, Ra, MH, SHU (Casey)




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Puppy Blog


Updates & pictures are also posted on our Facebook page "Whispering Pines Labradors WV".

Well, after 2 extra days of waiting, Morgan finally had her puppies on April 20th - by C-section at Lavale Veterinary Hospital. Thanks to Drs Cosgrove and MacFawn as well as all the techs that helped us with Morgan's surgery. Morgan never went into labor, no nesting or contractions that we usually see. The delivery date is pretty accurate but can be 2 days early or late. We were getting concerned at 1 day late and no signs. We took Morgan to our vet's on April 20th and after conferring with Dr. Cosgrove and the stud's owner (also a vet), we decided to have the C-section. It is always risky since the puppies are born under anesthesia too, but there really was not any other option. Morgan was a little groggy from the surgery the next day and although she allowed the puppies to nurse, she was not otherwise interested in them and did not lick or clean them. That is fairly common with C-Sections, especially first-time mothers. Can you imagine just going to sleep and when you wake up, suddenly you are a mother? Anyway, we would let the puppies nurse every 2 hours, show them to her and then we would do the clean-up duties (newborn puppies must be stimulated to go potty). Thankfully, Tuesday night Morgan's maternal instincts kicked in and we knew she accepted them when she started licking and cleaning them. Morgan is now the loving, caring mother we always knew she would be. In fact, she does not like to be separated from them at all now! Momma and pups are doing great now, both puppies weighed about 1 lb. at birth and are now 1 lb, 9 oz.

2015 WEEK 1

Morgan is doing a great job feeding and caring for her puppies. Since this is a small litter, they are getting plenty of milk and growing fast! Both puppies are about 2 1/2 lbs now and getting bigger every day. Their eyes and ears will remain closed until they are about 10 days old, but they know how to find momma by their sense of smell, and crawl right over to her. When Morgan is out of the box, we turn on a lamp to keep the box warm. Puppies need the extra heat, as they are unable to regulate their body temperature until they are several weeks old. The pups mostly eat, sleep and poop right now. Their muscles are growing as they crawl around their box. Puppies normally twitch and jerk while sleeping. This helps with the development of their nerves and muscles. We started the Early Neurological Stimulation exercises on Day 3 which will continue until Day 16. See the our page Litter News 2010 Litter News 2010), 2nd video for more info & a demo about these exercises.

2015 WEEK 2

We weigh the puppies every day to be sure they are healthy and gaining weight. Well, there is no doubt these puppies are healthy! On Day 13, they each weighed about 4 lbs - that is they quadrupled their birth weight in 2 weeks - they are BIG! The puppies eyes and ears started to open on Day 12, and they are now looking at a big new world. They are exposed to all the normal sights and sounds of our house, including the vacuum cleaner, so they will be used to household noises when they go to their new homes. They are still crawling around their box and trying to get up on their feet. They can sure make a lot of noise when they want to, grunting, barking, it's pretty funny to hear their little puppy howls too.


2015 WEEK 3

This is such a cute time for the puppies! They are walking much better now and learning they can bark, play and wrestle with each other. They can be quite noisy when they want to be fed! They have been out in the living room with Morgan and exploring a little. Morgan still feeds them about every 3 hours, but she will wean them soon because they're teeth are starting to come in! They are gaining weight steadily and both puppies weigh over 6 lbs now. We clipped their toenails this week so they don't scratch Morgan. Morgan is still doing most of the work, so we are enjoying playing with the puppies and watching them grow.

2015 WEEK 4

New puppy owners, here are some ESSENTIAL PUPPY ITEMS to look for: tip-proof stainless steel water and food bowls, a crate and blanket, correct collar and leash for their size, toys (rubber kong-type toys, ropes, stuffed toys with supervision - please no rawhide or "greenies" - they are indigestable and can cause stomach problems), gates for "off-limits" areas.

2015 WEEK 5

Please visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date photos and additional videos (Whispering Pines Labradors WV).

2015 WEEK 6

2015 WEEK 7

2015 WEEK 8

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